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After the last Web Development contest, we noticed that there is an enormous and ever-growing demand for the construction of websites/applications and have therefore decided to organize the contest again this year. The aim is not only to respond to the markets demand for help with their digitization processes, but also to offer driven young Web Developers or Innovators a platform where they can be creative and further develop their talents. The Datasur National Web Development Challenge 2021 offers a chance to gain substantial experience, showcase skills, analyze and evaluate outcomes and uncover personal aptitude.


As a Web Developer you will demonstrate how to build and launch a fully functional website within a week. You have an opportunity to showcase your ability to design, develop and sell your own unique piece of product. The top 3 winners of this competition will have the opportunity to work with industry Web Professionals and will have ample opportunity for brainstorming sessions to solve real world client needs which may not be available to practice in schools or colleges. The assessment committee will consist of ICT experts with local and international experience. Attention will be paid to the process, effectiveness and quality of the website development. The top 3 winners make a chance of becoming Datasur employees!

1. Polish up your Resume
2. Register from September 3rd until September 20th, 2021: Follow our Social Media updates regarding the registration info.
3. Showcase your skills and Stand out from the crowd

1. Gain recognition
2. Win awards and prizes
3. Make new friends and join the web hosting community
4. Establish or add to a portfolio (highly desired by potential employers)
5. Top 3 gets a job employment opportunity at Datasur!

Based on how neatly, thoroughly and adequately the questions below are answered, you will be selected for the TOP 10 participants and move forward!