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Our Story

Datasur was founded on June 5, 2014, to store Big Data locally and to bring the international cloud closer to Suriname. As the first and only commercial data center in Suriname, we offer Colocation, Consultancy, and Innovative Cloud solutions at affordable prices that help companies improve their ICT Infrastructure. This results in a more productive and efficient way of doing business. Our State of the Art and well-fenced Data Center is a perfect location because Suriname has no natural disasters. We are the perfect solution for companies who are looking for a Trusted ICT Advisor. We at Datasur believe that every business deserves to grow through innovation-driven digitalization.

Datasur Vision Statement

Leading the professionalization of ICT services in Suriname and the growth of the Surinamese sector, through the provision and development of high-quality, sustainable, and economically sound ICT solutions

Datasur Mission Statement

We deliver reliable and flexible ICT infrastructures from an internationally certified data center in Suriname to safely manage and house business critical applications and data for our customers.​

Our core values
  • Personal and Regional​
  • Trusted Advisor​
  • Safe and trustworthy​
  • Experienced staff​

Datasur has been ISO 27001 certified since 2015. With the ISO 27001 certificate, we prove that our systems
and processes meet the requirements about information security.


Strategic Goals

There are five strategic goals to guarantee strategic tactical and operational alignment. We conduct evaluations regularly to measure the progress per specific goal and decide if alterations are necessary.

For each strategic goal, there are a set of strategic objectives. These objectives are further specified in strategic

Every strategic activity on operational level was translated into a Key Performance Indicator or Key Quality Indicator. Based on this the progress was measured periodically and incorporated into employee performance appraisal.

Sales & Service Management

Increasing sales and optimizing service management, research & development and marketing.

Excellent Customer Experience

Achieving excellent customer “Quality of Service” / “Quality of Experience” (QoS / QoE) with due regards for operational quality, integrity, reliability and security.

Employee Performance

Motivating, engaging and facilitating employees to achieve an excellent customer experience.


Making Datasur the trusted ICT partner of its customers locally and abroad.


Making and maintaining the total Datasur business operations profitable.

Meet Datasur management

Our Management Team

Anvit Ramlakhan

Chief Executive Officer

Sheetal Ganput

General Affairs Manager

Whitney de Rijp

Commerical Affairs Manager

Jurgen Schmeltz

Operational Affairs Manager