Bringing Edge Computing closer to you

Edge computing is closer than you think with the All – In – One Indoor Micro data center.

This solution was designed for offices where there isn’t the time, space or budget to build a computer room. With the All-in-One Indoor Micro data center we are bringing the data center solutions such as self contained cooling, fire suppression, access control, smart power distribution to companies seeking to ensure business continuity at an affordable rate.

Keeping the company’s challenges in mind we listed the specs and a view highlights of the All-in-One Indoor MDC models.

 Top Cooling MDCMicro-Data-Center

  • All-in-one design
  • Plug-and-play
  • Fast deployment
  • Install data center in 1hr
  • One rack One data center
  • Move anywhere you need
  • No cooling installation
  • Installation cost-effectiveness

Rack Mounted Cooling MDDHighlight-of-Rack-mounted-Cooling-MDC

  • Easy expansion
  • Easy configuration
  • Adjust the rack numbers anytime based on requirement
  • Easy Service
  • Rack mounted Cooling maintenance without influence in the other racks

Side Mounted Cooling MDC


  • Plug-and-Play
  • One to N expansion all on you!
  • High Cooling Density

Check out our various Micro Data Centers below