We treat your infrastructure
as it is ours!

Do you have your own server (s), and do you want to store them securely?

Then you can save on a large investment and use our data center for colocation. Our data center is equipped with all the necessary facilities, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Maximum Redundancy

Our data centers have dual-powered IT equipment with multiple independent distribution paths and are equipped with UPS, backup and HVAC systems.

In terms of connectivity, there is also the possibility of redundancy for wired and wireless connections with more than one operator.

Unprecedented Security

With multiple security features such as 24/7 video surveillance and alarm monitoring, access and exit monitoring with guidance, cabinets with cylinder locks, we protect your valuable infrastructure based on accepted methods.

We have fire-resistant walls and we follow best practices for fire detection and fire-fighting systems, including VESDA.

Should a fire nevertheless occur, argon gas is immediately released to extinguish the fire and to limit the damage to a minimum.

Affordable spaces

You can rent economical and affordable spaces. If you want to make efficient use of the colocation benefits for a small number of servers or a whole private rack where scalability, power, privacy, cooling, connectivity and security are essential.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Datasur offers colocation as a solution for everyone that is in need of a server room, with all the benefits:

  • no high upfront facility costs for server racks, cooling, UPS, generator, fire suppression, electrical circuitry, etc
  • no overhead in maintenance of facilities since it is included, therefor continuity is guaranteed
  • ease of expansion; server racks are readily available
  • connectivity to the data center is already redundant

You can contact [email protected] to get started.

Yes our Datacenter engineers can assist / offer support with moving in, racking equipment and cable installations. Based on the work that needs to be done a quote will be provided to the customer for carrying out these activities.

The datacenter has Telesur en Digicel internet connection(up on request).

When you are a colo customer.

Any standard rack mountable server.

Trough our Datacenter Infrastructure monitoring.

We provide you with 6 secure layers for your equipment. The first security layer is a Property boundaries which includes signange and fencing. With the Secure perimeter we make sure that a registration check is done by our NOC control, there is also a main entrance and camera’s around the building. Acces to our datacenter is only garanteed to those with an access key (a badge) or biometric fingerprint access control. Security is also assured by our Network Operations center. There is a datacenter floor and we have a Disks Destroy procedure that we comply with.