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We have great news! Every three years from when the original certification audit was completed, Datasur undergoes a recertification audit for security management based on the International Standardization Organization requirements. We are proud to announce that the recertification audit of ISO27001:2013 was successfully completed on August 19, 2021, with zero Non-Conformities. Being able have zero non-conformities is something which isn’t seen daily, so this is a unicum for Datasur, its customers and Suriname! 

The audit was conducted by DNV, an external auditor. The independent role of an external auditor is important for reinforcing the credibility of a company’s information security and compliance with regulations. Auditors are also able to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of internal controls within the company. An important lesson learned from each audit is that you should always be “audit ready”. Having completed the audit successfully we are able to ensure our customers, partners and stakeholders that Datasur has incorporated changes to its Information Security Management System (ISMS) and all related processes on the highest international tier level in context of security. This results in the effectiveness of our ISMS.


A special shout out to our Strategic Affairs Manager Nathaly de Man whom in collaboration with the whole Datasur team has brought this audit to an exclusive success!