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Establishment of Datasur Network Operations Center (NOC)

An important part of Datasur in addition to our server room is our NOC (Network Operations Center) room. In this space, everything within the different environments of Datasur is continuously monitored. By proactively monitoring this environment, we can minimize or even prevent the impact of irregularities such as incidents or failures. As is known within the ICT world, it is of paramount importance for organizations that their ICT infrastructure is permanently available. Hiccups can cause a business to lose revenue. That is why it is important to monitor these systems day and night.

Datasur was founded in June 5, 2014 and has experienced such growth over the past 6 years. To guarantee the uptime of customer systems, we have entered into a partnership with Seshat Trade Solutions N.V. on September 1, 2020.

Seshat Trade Solutions N.V. is a young, dynamic and innovative public limited company founded by 4 entrepreneurs. These 4 people, with knowledge and skills in particular in the field of ICT, have believed to ensure personal development by starting their own company and also to take care of the development of school-going youth within society.

N.V. Seshat works closely with students. In the case of Datasur, these are students who have affinity and expertise in the field of network and system management. N.V. Seshat has the necessary expertise and manpower to map incidents that may occur in a timely manner 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and to take the necessary steps to deal with incidents and malfunctions.

We believe that this cooperation will contribute to the improvement of our services to customers, but on top of that that employment will be created for the youth of Suriname.

In the medium term, the NOC services will switch to SOC (Service Operations Center) services for our customers in the form of service management and level reports.