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We would like to draw your attention to the fact that our colleague Mardie Kartosoewito is taking on a new challenge outside of Datasur as of 1 October 2020. At Datasur, we thank Mardie for the pleasant cooperation, helpfulness, technical support and positive attitude during his career within Datasur. We wish Mardie every success in his further career.

We want to inform you that this position has already been filled. The new Operations Manager is Mr. Jurgen Schmeltz.


Meet Jurgen Schmeltz
He’s married to a very sweet woman and has 2 sweet sons (2.5 years at 10 yrs). From the age of 15, he was already involved with computers and it started with computer games and continued with opening and repairing computers. However, his IT career started in 2007 at IBM, where the love for the profession actually started to grow. After his career at IBM he worked at various ICT companies, after which his Datasur career started in 2015.

At Datasur, a different world opened up for him. The data center world. This because a lot of Data Center Facility is involved before the ICT part is discussed. He found this  to be quite interesting. At Datasur, he started as a Datacenter Engineer and then held various positions within the organization such as ICT Infrastructure Engineer, ICT Project Manager and, since October 1, 2020, Acting Operations Manager. He’s customer-oriented and, together with his colleagues, he always tries to convert the demand from the business into suitable ICT solutions.

Currently, the Operations department is busy with the expansion of the Data Center, including Colocation and Cloud expansion. We will expand our Colocation service in both Datasur Datacenters, where customers can choose from a 1U rack space to a 42U full rack. As usual, customers can count on Datasur to have the right humidity and temperature for their equipment.

Our Cloud environment is being expanded so that we can accommodate many more customers. The focus will be on Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Solutions with a Multi Tenant environment, where customers will have full control of their Virtual Machines with a control panel. The underlying storage infrastructure will be fully based on Software Defined Storage Infrastructure. With this we immediately increase our storage availability and response time.

Managed Services
In the coming year we will offer Containers as a Service and guide customers throughout this entire process. We will also publish a free quick scan of the ICT Infrastructure of SME’s and for larger organizations we want to have an in depth scan carried out by our Senior Network Architect. After such a scan has been rolled out, the possibilities for redesigning the ICT Infrastructure and automating ICT processes can be examined together with Datasur.