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What a year! 

Few of us would have been able to predict the dramatic change in circumstances and outcome for all of us during this year. This coronavirus pandemic and its impact have been unprecedented and remarkable, requiring all of us to think and act in new ways in order to adapt to the new normal. Nevertheless, throughout this challenging year, Datasur has remained focused on strengthening and growing its business, while always being there for our relations every step of the way.

Key partnerships, customer demands and innovation driven adoptions have transformed Datasur and its prospects, through which we have emerged substantially stronger from an improved change in our portfolio, value proposition and vision. 

We as Datasur believe that every business deserves growth, through innovation driven digitalization!

Making use of this moment I want to look back at the past twelve months to highlight the progress Datasur has made with all your cohesive efforts and support. I am very proud of what we have achieved together thus far and want to take this opportunity to briefly share with you some thoughts and key areas of focus as we move forward in our exciting journey.

A new identity focused on our value proposition & financial profitability

Last year we rebranded our identity, corporate profile and value proposition i.e. “Your Trusted ICT Partner”, henceforth restructuring, expanding and optimizing our service/ product portfolio and internal processes in order to guarantee an excellent customer experience. Due to this we have grown two-fold (100%) in the number of customers this year accounting for more than 300 companies in nearly all sectors in Suriname, resulting in a net profit margin growth of 127%.

In person 24/7 customer-oriented service management

Our esteemed customers recognize the differentiated value we bring to them in terms of superior service delivery, innovative ICT solutions and swift responsiveness to their specific needs. In order to build further on this, we have worked towards implementing a NOC (Network Operations Center) team which consists of part time students working 24/7 in shifts in order to serve our customers, monitoring relevant systems and affiliated programs. The last phase of transition from NOC to SOC (Service Operations Center) is one of the main targets for 2021. We will tirelessly continue to build on the trust of our customers and partners demonstrated with clear actions: “Our strong belief in developing local-high quality-tailor made end products through strategic partnerships while being the most reliable and trusted advisor for their (ICT) operations”.

Thinking and acting global serving local

At Datasur we are committed, convinced and ecstatically enthusiastic to constantly contribute to the sustained and disruptive growth of the ICT business in Suriname together with our customers and partners, with the primary focus on Data center-, Cloud-, Hosting- and Consultancy services. In order to embark on and accelerate through this journey, we have been able to place Datasur (i.e. Suriname) on the international forefront of existential partnerships in the past months with renowned vendors and solution providers such as: Huawei, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Google, Veeam and Microsoft. We recently became partners with three of the bigger international datacenter operators which are: Amazon (AWS), Equinix and AMS-IX. Partnerships with these international corporations enables us to serve our customers, partners and the ICT business community even- and ever more, guaranteeing operational excellence and mutual business benefits.

Guaranteed business continuity for our customers 

As you already may know, we are ISO 27001 certified and work on continuous progressive improvement of the total Datasur business operations. This ensures the right balance between policy, safety, innovation, risk and service level management. Because of our state-of-the-art Tier 2 data center we will continue to offer all organizations, both local and regional, top privacy, security and reliability of all their company critical data and applications and ultimately digital driven innovative development. Furthermore, we are working with our partners to provide ISO certifications to the local market from Suriname as part of our consultancy portfolio. 

The real pioneers: Team Datasur

In addition to statements above in regards to the growth of Datasur as a corporation, nothing would have been possible without the extensive cohesive collaboration, incomparable efforts and performance driven results of the Datasur team as a whole. I will keep on saying we should all be proud of our achievements thus far and be confident in who we as a company are, the future is extremely bright and exciting. By working together as one team and by being closer to our customers, we will exceed our goals.

Closing remark

We are more than ever committed, motivated and self-assured to help you and your business grow through exploitation of ICT services. For 2021 our focus areas are outlined below. 

Henceforth, Datasur will actively and consistently contribute to the ICT development of and in Suriname, with a distinctive focus on Data center-, Cloud-, Hosting- and Consultancy services. 

Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank all our customers, partners, well-wishers, our shareholder Telesur and the total Datasur team for the commitment, trust, confidence and support they have in the company Datasur. 

Finally, I would like to wish everyone a very healthy, blissful and exceptional year for 2021 and extend my sincere gratitude for being part of this very inspiring journey making Suriname a better place to live.

On behalf of team Datasur. 

Yours humbly & sincerely,

Dr. Anvit Ramlakhan

CEO Datasur

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