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Do you want to manage, control and analyze your fleet, station and fuel consumption? Optimize your fleet and fuel management with Zwinq. Authorizing your vehicles and drivers, setting limits and budgets, monitoring fuel levels in your tank AND all of this information real time at the tip of your fingers. That is what Zwinq Tech does! Operating in the Netherlands, Belgium and Suriname, managing over 100 fuel stations, over 10.000 vehicles and processing more than 55 million liters of fuel annually makes us one of the leaders in our industry.

Our solution provides you with the capability of diminishing fraud and misuse, lessen the administrative processes and gives you the possibility to take decisions more quickly and accurately because of the quality and real time availability of information.
Among our bigger clients are companies which operate in public transportation, garbage and waste disposal, airports, government organizations [the City of Amsterdam and City of Rotterdam make use of our system] and much more.


The young, dynamic and innovative company that Zwinq is, ensures continuous improvement of the software, processes and new features and products. We have our technical knowledge and development team in house and provide 24 hours technical support on and off site.

“Zwinq helped assign consumption to the appropriate equipment and cost centers, eliminate fraud and provided a working automated solution to manage our fleet and the usage of fuel real-time. This resulted in better management information reports, which take a lot less time to produce, better insights in the behavior of our fleet and a fuel OPEX reduction of 15%. Also the availability of sustainability. Apart from improvements in development, we are also impressed with the integration into our own Fleet Management system (Ultimo), the continuous improvement of the BI reports and dashboards and integration/optimization of the operations in the Zwinq solution.” – Erik van Eig (Fleetmanager, City of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Interested in exploring how Zwinq can support your business? Contact our Caribbean and LatAm manager now through!