Unlocking the Power of ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 Audits

Safeguarding Your Digital and Business Continuity 

Datasur: Setting the Standard for Information Security and Business Continuity 

In a digital world where data is the lifeblood of business, having a reliable partner for information security and business continuity is crucial. We are proud to announce that Datasur, as the sole commercial data center in the country, has once again achieved recertification in the realms of information security and business continuity. 

Zero Non-Conformities: Leading by Example 

We are delighted to share that during our recent ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 audits, Datasur accomplished a remarkable feat – zero non-conformities. This achievement underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence in safeguarding your data and ensuring the uninterrupted flow of your business operations. 

Our pursuit of perfection in information security and business continuity is a testament to our dedication to providing you with the highest level of service. When you entrust your data and operations to Datasur, you can be confident that you are partnering with an organization that leaves no room for compromise. 

Behind the scenes  

  • Before the Audit: Preparation and Planning – Insights from Datasur 

Preparing for an audit is a meticulous process that involves various critical steps and considerations. At Datasur, we understand the importance of thorough preparation to ensure a smooth audit experience. 

  • Preparation and Planning: What It Entails 

Before the audit kicks off, meticulous preparation and planning are essential. This phase involves a comprehensive review of our information security and business continuity management systems to ensure they align with the ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 standards. This year, I, Sheetal Ganput, the General Affairs Manager at Datasur, have taken full charge of the ISO audit process within the company.  

During this phase, we evaluate and document our policies, procedures, and controls, ensuring they are current and efficiently enforced. We also pinpoint potential areas for enhancement and establish corrective actions to rectify any gaps or weaknesses. 

  • During the Audit: The Process and Key Focus Areas 

During the audit itself we closely collaborate with auditors to demonstrate our commitment to information security and business continuity. We provide evidence of our compliance with the standards, showcasing the effectiveness of our controls and processes.  

Auditors pay particular attention to the consistency and efficacy of our systems. They examine how well we protect sensitive data, manage risks, and ensure business continuity in the face of disruptions. This stage is crucial in validating the strength of our security and resilience measures.  

During the audit, it’s essential to emphasize that a comprehensive examination takes place, encompassing not only technical aspects but also a wide array of other critical areas, including HR practices, office operations, legal compliance, commercial activities, contract management, supplier relationships, and the integrity of our supply chain, among other aspects.  

  • After the Audit: Celebrating Success and Charting the Path Forward 

Datasur takes great pride in our recent achievement of zero non-conformities (NCs) during the audit. This remarkable result reaffirms our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of information security and business continuity. 

However, we do not rest on our laurels. We are committed to continuous improvement and evolution. To that end, we are determined to create awareness both internally and externally about our ongoing efforts. 

One of our initial steps is engaging all stakeholders in the Datasur community, including our Board of Directors, shareholders, and more. We believe that shared understanding and commitment are essential for our collective success. 

Our Ongoing Promise 

Looking ahead, Datasur is embarking on a significant transition from the 2013 version to the latest 2022 version of ISO 27001. This transition, led by our General Affairs [Strategy Management] department, presents exciting but challenging opportunities. 

It involves adapting to new policies and rules for the data center, which requires meticulous planning, analysis, and implementation. This means adding extra layers of work, incorporating additional checks, and enhancing awareness among our team and clients. 

Our goal is for everyone to embrace this transition actively, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of information security and business continuity. We are dedicated to shaping the future of Datasur with a forward-thinking perspective, always seeking innovative ways to enhance our services and security. 

At Datasur, there is always a fresh perspective, and we are never satisfied with the status quo. We are committed to evolving, growing, and leading the way in the ever-changing landscape of information security and business continuity. 

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey and thank you for being part of the Datasur family. 

Stay secure, stay connected!  

Best Regards,  

Sheetal Ganput, M.Sc.  

General Affairs Manager Datasur 

Whitney de Rijp, MBA in Innovation and Technology.
Whitney de Rijp is a young driven Surinamese woman. She has been working at Datasur for over 6 years. Together with her top team, they ensure that customer data is stored securely all over the world which helps them focus on their core business.

Integrity, authenticity and just being herself is the mode for success as a Commercial Affairs Manager. Furthermore, she finds it very important to maximize effectiveness and of course lead by example. For both the internal and the external organization she is very transparent, which also fosters loyalty and engagement with the company goals.

Jurgen Schmeltz has as a Bachelor's degree in Information and Communication Technology and several IT certifications. His IT career started in Johannesburg, South Africa at IBM where he gained international experience for 5 years. When he came back to Suriname, he worked for two IT companies and also gained experience in VOIP, Backup Solutions and Microsoft Products.

At the moment Jurgen is a Cloud and Datacenter Infrastructure Specialist with many years of experience in the field of Microsoft Virtualization, Workplace Automation, Backup, Replication and Data Center Infrastructure. He currently holds the position of Operations Manager and is responsible for managing the Datacenter Operations such as Cloud and Network infrastructure.

Furthermore, he is also responsible for managing daily Facility Operations of the Datasur Datacenters and Project Lead for Cloud and Datacenter expansion projects. In his free time he’s a parttime lecturer at the two technical Universities in Suriname.

On behalf of Datasur Jurgen Schmeltz is also chairman of SUR-IX. The Suriname Internet Exchange Point which will be operational before the end of 2022

Sheetal Ganput works as the General Affairs Manager at Datasur. In this role she is part of the management team and reports to the CEO of Datasur.

She is a very self-driven, detail-oriented & hardworking young professional. She has helped to reorganize the company in the field of Office, HRM and Supply Chain Management.

Sheetal has her B.Sc. in Business Management and also completed her M.Sc. completed in Business Management with a specialization in Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. She is very progressive and is currently doing her Ph.D. study in Leadership & Management

Our CEO, Dr. Anvit Ramlakhan is a prolific strong inspiring inclusive young professional leader from Suriname, working in different fields to contribute for the betterment of humanity and the world. He is an experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in the ICT industry for several years, with a widespread of skills in operations, quality, risk, project, business, strategy, product portfolio management (just to name a few). At Datasur Anvit oversees the total company performance on strategical level, with a strong focus on business growth, innovation, customer experience and financial profitability.

Furthermore, Anvit contributes to development of the Surinamese youth by lecturing and tutoring at four university study organizations in Suriname on undergraduate and postgraduate levels within study fields such as ICT, Electrical engineering, Organization management, Process management, Business intelligence, MBA, etc.

He has a strong professional background with a cum laude doctorate (Ph.D. in Management- Information and Technology) from the Akamai University in USA, Master of Science (M.Sc.) with merit in Information Systems from Anglia Ruskin University in London, UK and Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Telecommunications from Anton de Kom University in Paramaribo, Suriname. He currently is finishing up his MBA in Strategic Management and Leadership at the London School of International Business, London, UK.

Anvit has several prolific leadership and business certifications, ongoing humanity service, extensive spiritual drive and a personal theme which is as follows: “Continuous progressive successful excellence”. He is part of volunteer organization HSS for 20+ years, through which character molding, collaboration and way of living for the youth is created and augmented.

In January 2022 he has been elected for two years as Chairman of the ICT Association in Suriname, in order to help strategize the sustainable digital economic development of Suriname. Furthermore he also has been elected as Chairman for the Suriname Business Youth Association in June 2021 for a period of two years, whereby development and support of young entrepreneurs and professionals is one of the main goals. Anvit is also part of the presidential working groups on areas of e-Government and wage council.