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Datasur was present during the second virtual trade mission between Suriname and the Netherlands, which was held from the 20th till the 23rd of April 2021. The trade mission was filled with speakers, company visits and government representatives from both Suriname and the Netherlands, with themes focused on sustainable entrepreneurship, eco-tourism, financial sector and business services.

For Datasur it was a very important event to participate and sponsor since expansion of the datacenter business from Suriname to a global scale is part of our strategic plan. Datasur also presented a company visit documentary, which was prepared in collaboration with the event organizers, during the second day of the virtual trade mission.  

As is known, Datasur’s mission is to continue to actively and consistently contribute to the ICT development of and in Suriname, with a distinctive focus on data center, cloud, ISP and consultancy services. One of such services, which is also hosted at Datasur, are the e-Government Services. Our CEO together with the Minister of Internal Affairs had a panel discussion based on this e-Gov topic: “A digitalized Surinamese government (e-Gov): Providing and enabling commercial driven community services”. 


During this discussion it became clear that there is room for improvement for the Suriname e-Government services from a commercial business model perspective. Looking at international rankings from the UN, Suriname ranks on an average scale. Furthermore, our CEO has outlined several business models which could be used for exploitation of e-Government Services in Suriname. Click the link for the full presentation.