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Communication Congress 2021: Datasur takes on Intercultural Communication 

On the 23rd of April 2021 the largest communication conference in the Caribbean took place for the third time. The online communication conference 2021 was entirely devoted to professional communication and how to get to the core of impactful communication in a multicultural society. The theme was: Who is your Father, Who is your Mother? Based on the communication book on How Surinamese communicate. Seminars, workshops and interactive sessions were provided online on professional communication, intercultural communication, populist communication and destination marketing.

Datasur also contributed and participated during this communication conference, since it acknowledged the multicultural facets of Suriname and its people, doing business in- and with such a community in order to realize Datasur company goals still within a competitive environment. Another reason for participating was the aspect of learning and sharing best practices on communication, marketing and team collaboration adapted by other participating companies from Suriname and other countries. The aim of the 2021 communication conference was to stimulate the exchange of knowledge within the field and to connect the communication sector in Suriname. 

Our CEO, Anvit Ramlakhan, held a presentation about intercultural communication: “Intercultural Communication in Suriname based on a Business context”, with specification of the definition of Intercultural Communication, elements of Intercultural Communication and how to recognize these in real life, bringing Intercultural Communication into practice within the work environment (business context), highlighting Intercultural Communication challenges and how to improve Intercultural Communication skills. 


Hereunder some snaps of the slides, for the full presentation click this link