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Datasur was founded on June 5, 2014 to store Big Data locally and bring the international cloud closer. Suriname was in need of a commercial data center where data, servers, applications could be managed in a responsible and professional manner. This need has been evident over the past seven years as we notice a tremendous growth of our customer base, which today counts over more than 300 companies in various sectors. We understand all too well the need for an efficient ICT infrastructure at an affordable rate with excellent quality.

At Datasur, we are committed, convinced and enthusiastic to continuously contribute together with our customers and partners to the sustainable and disruptive growth of the ICT business in Suriname, with the primary focus on datacenter, cloud, hosting and consultancy services. To start and accelerate this journey, we have been able to place Datasur (i.e. Suriname) at the international forefront of existential partnerships in recent months with renowned vendors and solution providers such as: Huawei, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Google and Microsoft. We have also partnered with three of the largest international data center operators: Amazon (AWS), Equinix and AMS-IX. Partnerships with these global companies enable us to continue to better serve our customers, partners and the ICT industry, ensuring operational excellence and mutual business benefits. This will also serve as a foundation to be able to offer Datasur’s services within the Caribbean, with new strategic portfolio-oriented product and service innovations to be implemented in the upcoming period.

It is important to point out that the digital world we live in has many vulnerabilities, but the internet has become indispensable in almost every organization. Over the years, the number of cyber-attacks worldwide has increased dramatically. We cannot escape the dangers associated with connecting to the Internet. If there are weaknesses in your ICT infrastructure, this can have major consequences for your organization. Can you imagine having your personal information or confidential business information exposed? It is therefore important to protect ourselves against all possible threats. With a few basic measures, you can quickly ensure that your data is protected at all times.

Information security is therefore very important to Datasur. Datasur is one of the few companies in Suriname that is ISO 27001 certified, an important ISO standard in the data center world. This ensures the right balance between policy, safety, innovation, risk and service level management. Thanks to our state-of-the-art Tier 2 data center, we continue to provide all organizations, both local and regional, with top privacy, security and reliability of all their business-critical data and applications and ultimately digital development. This allows Datasur to demonstrate that customer information is handled securely. Two important factors are how data is stored and who has access to the data. This certification is not self-evident for Datasur. To qualify for this, Datasur has to go through a strict audit procedure every year. The audit is performed by a competent external party.

“We at Datasur believe that every company deserves to grow through innovation-driven digitization. We are more than ever committed, motivated and confident to help you and your business grow through the use of ICT services. Datasur will actively and consistently contribute to the ICT development of and in Suriname, with a distinctive focus on data center, cloud, hosting and consultancy services,” said CEO Datasur, Mr. Anvit Ramlakhan.