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Starting on August 22, 2020, the mail policy has been sharpened on all cPanel servers. In recent months it has become apparent that customers often use their mail environment for sending bulk mail, including newsletters. Due to the policies that have been set worldwide, this behavior is characterized as SPAM, which deactivates accounts that send bulk mail. When this behavior occurs repeatedly, the entire environment can be blacklisted by the Global SpamCops.

The goal of enforcing a stricter mail policy on all cPanel servers is to prevent the environment from being blacklisted. Below there’s an overview with more information about this policy and the rules that have been tightened to protect your environment.

  Rule                                                                                                ISP Value
– Max hourly emails per domain                                             100

– Number of emails a domain  may send per day               1000
  before the system sends a notification                                           

– Number of unique recipients per hour to trigger                250
  potential spammer notification                                                             

– Number of failed or deferred messages a domain             20
  may send before protections can be triggered