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Datasur International Partners

At Datasur we are committed, convinced, and ecstatic to constantly contribute to the sustained and disruptive growth of the ICT business in Suriname. We hope to achieve this with the help of our customers and partners, with the primary focus on Data center-, Cloud-, ISP- and Consultancy services.

To embark on and accelerate through this journey, we’ve placed Datasur (i.e. Suriname) on the international forefront of existential partnerships with renowned vendors and solution providers which are: Huawei, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, and Dell.

Partnerships with these big international players enable Datasur to serve our customers, partners, and the ICT business community even- and evermore, withstanding the following (summarized) benefits:

1.    A higher level of discounts for you as our customer, drastically impacting financial figures such as TCO, CAPEX & OPEX.
2.    The level of support and engagement during projects and regular operations will be done cautiously and closely in-person by Datasur and professional services support from the aforementioned vendors.
3.    All innovative ready-made solutions, proven best practices, total partnership programs are also available for you as Datasur customer.
4.    Tons of documentation, hands-on knowledge, and training courses-certifications-sources are available for you based on your specific needs and requests, where Datasur will comprehensively deliver accordingly.