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Datasur National Web Development Challenge 2020


The Datasur National Web Development Challenge 2020 offers a chance for the youth (students) to gain substantial experience, showcase skills, analyze and evaluate outcomes and uncover personal aptitude. Participating students will have an opportunity to showcase their ability to design, develop and sell their own unique piece of product. The top 3 winners of this competition will have the opportunity to work with industry Web professionals and will have ample opportunity for brainstorming sessions to solve real world client needs which may not be available to practice in schools or colleges. Each of these winners will have the opportunity to become part of the Datasur Web Development Team as a “paid telecommuting web developer”, where through online work projects for customers will be initiated and implemented in collaboration with the sales and operations teams.


  • Polish up your Resume
  • Showcase your Skills
  • Gain recognition
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Win awards and prizes
    – Winner: Cash prize SRD 3000, 1 Year free webhosting at Datasur, Award: Datasur’s Best National Web Developer 2020
    – Runner up: Cash prize SRD 2000, 6 Months free webhosting at Datasur
    – Second runner up: Cash prize SRD 1000, 3 Months free webhosting at Datasur
  • Make new friends and join the website hosting community
  • Establish or add to a portfolio (highly desired by potential employers)
  • Top 3 gets a job employment opportunity at Datasur!


Anyone below the age of 25 years.


This summer’s Web Development Challenge event is a “real-world use case based client” project that will allow you to demonstrate your Web design, development and business skills. Since this is a “Virtual” contest, competing participants will need to coordinate the relevant logistics, have access to the internet and comfortable workstations.


As a part of the 2020 Web Development project challenge, your task is to help the use case based client promote their organization’s brand. Your work order will include task like developing a Web presence and marketing campaign to their current and potential subscriber base. There will be a number of
specific deliverables you will share with the potential client so that they understand your knowledge, your approach, and solution. You will be asked to create a fully functional website. Your assignment with the fictive client will seek to communicate how you can best help with their design, development and messaging, and equally important, whether or not they would like to collaborate with you regarding future contract work. Your goal is to demonstrate your Web design, development and marketing skills while earning the clients trust and their future business!


  • Creativity Web Design and layout skills
  •  Web development and technology skills
  • Visual and Communication
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Agility and adaptability
  • Initiative and entrepreneurial skills
  • Ability to review and respond to requirements documents
  • Presentation skills


1) Solution Description Document outlining:
a. The requirements of the client and how you have fulfilled these.
b. Screenshots of web design and layout.
c. Value added services on the website rather than just only content, for e.g. social media marketing integration, payment platform integration, etc.
d. Professional services overview with argumentation why the client should hire you.

2) Link to an online video where a demo is given of how the site works (be creative here!) based on the requirements and your vision for the client’s campaign.

3) Last but foremost: link to the published website which is available online.


The registration period will be from the 14 th (9 AM SRT) till the 27 th (9 PM SRT) of September 2020. The challenge week will be from September 28 – October 2, 2020 – NOTE: A daily schedule has been drafted (see below) by the event organizing committee. Additional details will be provided upon completion of registration.

  • 24 – 27 Sept:  Registration of all participants using this link. After registration, the top 10 will be selected based on the provided feedback and content through the registration questions.
  • 28 Sept:  Datasur National Web Development Challenge kick off. Introduction of top 10 selected participants. Review of Challenge goals and Q&A.
  • 28 – 30 Sept: Participants will design, develop and implement new website. The final product will be submitted not later than 30 Sept 23:59h SRT.
  • 1 Oct: Presentation and demo of the top 10 participant. Judges will review content work submissions and tally the results.
  • 2 Oct:  Announcement of winners.


The Technical committee at Datasur will share with all registered participants: unique URL and login ID and credentials for the challenge after registration. The whole challenge will be held online.

Ready to Participate?
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